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When it comes to weddings and making decisions, amongst the excitement there is the thought of ‘How do I know if I am making the right decision?’


Here are some useful points to consider when choosing your stationery.




Print Process



Invitations are the introduction to your wedding and set the tone for your guests. The first question we like to ask our couples is ‘What style of wedding are you having?’ As  this is the basis of your wedding that all areas will link to when planning your day.

Categories to consider:

Rustic/ Modern/ Glam/ Classic & Elegant/ Romantic/ Fun & Relaxed



Think about your wedding colours, these may be incorporated in other areas of your wedding such as bridesmaid dresses, flowers, menus, etc.

Colours tend to be seasonal so the month of your wedding may influence your colour choice.



You’ll hear the question ‘What’s your budget?’ throughout every step of your wedding planning. When it comes to Stationery, pricing is determined by the paper quality and print process that you desire.

Set a budget that is reasonable for what you desire to avoid disappointment and explore different printing options that will sit within your budget and that will also look beautiful.

We have added a tiered guide in the print process section that should help you.  



We specialise in various printing processes such as luxury Foiling, Embossing, Debossing, Letter press, Laser cutting, Thermography, Lithographic Printing and Digital Printing, all produced here in the UK

Once your budget is established you can then decide which printing process to apply to your invitations. 


Digital Printing


Lithography Printing


Hot Foil/ Embossing/ Gilt Edging/ Letterpress/ Duplexing



Choosing paper is one of our favourite parts of the design process and one that is a first for many of our couples.  Being paper enthusiasts, we have selected a few paper ranges that we love using, these include G.F.Smith, and Fedrigoni.


The style of your wedding often determines the paper choices, for example if you are having a rustic wedding we might recommend a textured card such as Tintiretto Gesso by Fedrigoni or a craft paper. If you are having a classic wedding we would be inclined to recommend a smooth uncoated paper like one of our favourites, Accent Smooth by G.F.Smith papers. For a romantic wedding, a pearlescent card could nicely set the tone, and for a modern wedding you could experiment with translucent paper mixed with Colorplan, one of the G.F.Smith ranges.


We hope this helps you, and you enjoy every step of the bespoke process. 

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